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How To Install Sinhala Font

Install Sinhala Fonts/Unicodes without Rooting!

Now you can proceed with installing sinhala unicodes in your honor 3c with two ways.


USING the AppΒ {you can download it from google play store , [ LINK ]}
Android app on Google Play


Going through the following method…..

This method contain the earlier version of Unicode, i strongly suggest you to continue with app

First download this file Sinhala-Honor 3C [chandima].hwt


Then copy “Sinhala-Honor 3C [chandima].hwt” file into the folder named “HWThemes” where you can find on your phone’s inbuilt memory.


Now Open “Themes”




Select “Font Style”


Select “Sinhala-Honor 3C [chandima]” and click Apply


Now your phone will ask you to reboot so click okay


After the reboot. Just check by browsing some websites with sinhala unicode.

Screenshot_2014-11-12-15-06-55 Screenshot_2014-11-12-15-09-24 Screenshot_2014-11-12-15-07-31

Thats it…!

Share this article with your honor 3c friends.

– Chandima B Samarasinghe (


119 thoughts on “How To Install Sinhala Font”

      1. you no need to open the .hwt file; just install the app and open the app, then click ‘install Sinhala unicode’ button. after that select Sinhala font as your phone’s font style… that’s it. please refer the posts if you have any doubt, thanks πŸ˜€


    1. Mama mulinma karapu original krame dannam. Hari giye nathnam eka karanna.
      1) Playstore eken iFont ( install karaganna
      2) Me link eken font eka download karaganna (
      3) Download karapu Font eka. Open karanna, ethakota eka iFont app eken open karanna. iFont open unama [Set] button eka click karanna.

      4) Dan theme manager ekata gihin New Font eka select karanna.
      5) iFont kamathinam uninstall karanna puluwan.
      6) Kalin dapu sinhala font eka theme manager eke display wena eka ayin karanna one nam “HWThemes” folder eken eka delete karanna (REMEMBER: sin-uni eka delete karanna epa…).

      Wade hari.. πŸ™‚


  1. Thank You so very much Bro… I really appreciate your great help. I was disgusted with this phone, which I bought today, as I couldn`t read ant sinhala Facebook posts. You are really great, Bro… Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I recently visited your blog and it was quite helpful. Thanks a lot, buddy. You have done a great service and because of your site, I was able to install Sinhala fonts for my Honor 3C, which was a relief.

    It works quite well in Facebook app but it doesn’t work in any of the browsers including Google Chrome and Firefox. What should I do?


  3. Chandima.. As a professional in Sri Lanka’s IT sector I greatly value your efforts. The Mod works perfectly…

    The most important factor is you have made an excellent effort to share you knowledge..
    It is most respectable and commendable.
    Thank you.
    Chanuka Sudeera Jayasekara


      1. Mage phone eka huawei honor holly 3c lite kiyana eka modelb nober eka Hol-U19
        Rom eka 16 Gb Ram 1Gb meka thama phone eka


  4. Hello Chandima,

    I’ve downloaded the file. Did exactly what you asked us to do. But umm nothing good has happened. Even in settings I checked whether the default is activated or not. All is well. But can’t see them fonts. Phone is honour 3C with the 2GB ram as well.


    1. if you done things as i explained here, it must work. but try to install it using the app that i provided. after installing the app and installing sinhala fonts with that, please check [storage/HWThemes] folder for new file called ‘chandima.hwt’ or something. if it’s there, just goto settings and select the sinhala font as i explained in post… hope this will help you….


  5. Ane macho..kohomahari holy ekatath risky nati method ekak hoya diipanko..sinhalen folder ekakwath pennanne na,serama Chinese pennanne…:( 😦


  6. Fb app eka witarai weda. Crome eken giyata sinhala pennanne ne. Themes wala costom giyata font style kiyala ekk pennane ne.


    1. Chrome wala sinhala wada karanne na thama. Uc browser eka use karanna. Nathna firefox eka sinhala plugin eka ekka use karanna. Post ekak ekata dala athi. Fb eke dan sinhala wada kiyanne sinhala setup eka wada kiyana ekai


  7. Great work brother….
    Thanks lot

    Me prasne sahenna loku ekak wela tibbe
    Meka tawa podi wenasak una nam maru….
    Meke sinhala font eka supiri
    Habai english font eka akuru style ekai vachana atara gap ekai poddak kiyawana eka amaru karawanawa
    Poddak puluwannam me file ekata parana english font eka wage ekak dala set karanna pulwannam mare maru


  8. honor holly (honer 3C lite) ekatath sinhala weda karanna puluwan widihak puluwannam hoyanna balanna sahodaraya, godak loku udawwak, oya inne koheda? man inne nuwara eliye langaka innawa nam mage phone eka oyata denna puluwan test karala balanna


  9. Hi bro Chandima, your method of reading Sinhala font on Honor 3c worked well for me. However, after I installed the latest version of KitKat 4.4 (the one you posted on your blog), the sinhala names etc. Displayed in FB don’t show in BOLD. Even name tags are not displayed in BOLD. So it’s difficult to see the names separated from the text. Do you think you can fix this and post a new theme?


    1. Hi jaan,
      I’ll check that and reply you soon. But I think you can try for a solution yourself, setting the sinhala unicode font (you can find a link to download that among the comments) as your system font using ifont app. Earlier theme file was create on jellybean flatform, think that was the case for this issue. Give it a try and let me know whether you succed or not πŸ™‚


      1. Bro Chandima, I think you remember the issue I told you about after installing the latest KitKat version for Honor 3C. The font you posted doesn’t display names and name tags in BOLD. This is annoying especially on FB, since you cant see the difference in names among the comments. You suggested that I install a font found in the comments above, as the system uses iFont. I did just that, but there’s no difference bro….it just won’t display BOLD letters. I hope that you may be able to come up with some solution. Anyway, I think the earlier version on this phone is better, as the new upgrade is not so user friendly. Also, with the upgrade, the battery charging time has almost doubled. An exhausted battery takes over 3 hours to charge. The earlier version charges the battery in less than 2 hours.


      2. Hi Jaan,
        yes. wrong quick solution from me. i’ll also see that the titles are not in bold in fb (even the english ones), after you informed that. so i don’t think we could give that a solution unless fb app changes that.

        if your are not busy with your phone, you could charge your phone very soon with airplane mode enabled. yes, different tastes of different people, personally i like nice GUIs. i have been waiting for this kitkat update with new EMUI version. so make this post to help those who are interested in nice GUIs. anyway you can downgrade your phone into stock rom if you need. just search for carbontesla.



      3. Hi bro Chandima, Thanks for your response. I appreciate your personal attention towards our queries and problems. Yes, of course, the new GUI is great. I like it very much, too. But I decided to downgrade to B115 Jellybean once again, since it eliminates all the problems. Looking forward to seeing more updates from you.


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